A screenshot of the homepage of the South Seattle College Survival Guide created by students in the Tier tracks. There is a background image of the Seattle Sound, taken while on the ferry that travels from Bainbridge to Seattle.
College Prep Students Created an Online “Survival Guide” for students on the Tier Tracks at South Seattle College. Click the image above to see their work.

I have taught undergraduate courses in first year composition (with a focus on multimodality), cultural rhetorics, indigenous rhetorics, Chicana/x rhetorics, indigenous cartography, and rhetoric and civic engagement. I have also taught graduate courses in rhetorical tradition, community literacy, and decolonial theories. I have also mentored graduate students as they completed their theses and dissertations and applied to national conferences. Additionally, I have taught in non-academic community settings, such as the Hope Community Center (HCC) in Orlando FL, with predominantly multilingual or 2nd language learners. Below is a list of the most recent courses I have taught. Click here for a more exhaustive list.

I have included some sample syllabi. If you are interested in seeing syllabi for other courses, feel free to contact me at gabrielaraquelrios [at] gmail [dot] com.

Graduate Courses

  • ENC 6335 Rhetorical Traditions  Syllabus ]
    • I want to thank Qwo-Li Driskill, Malea Powell, and Stacey Pigg for their generosity in sharing materials and assignments I used in this course. In particular, Malea’s “rhetorical making” project has been taken up by many of us who are influenced by her work as a way to account for rhetorical traditions that may not be linked to alphabetic text. Additionally, my organization of course readings stems from her and Qwo-Li’s application of Mignolo’s decolonial theory, which disrupts linear histories of rhetoric.
  • ENC 6945 Community Literacy Practicum, Online

Undergraduate Courses

  • ENGL 099/101 College Prep Writing/First Year Writing Hybrid [South Seattle College Survival Guide]
  • ENC 3331 Rhetoric & Civic Engagement  [ Student Reflections ]
  • ENC 3373 Cultural Rhetorics  Syllabus ] [ Mapping Project ]
    • I want to thank Casie Cobos for sharing her assignment on Mapping with me for this course. You can see a presentation about how we orient to the project by clicking on “mapping project” above.